April Theme: Finding Flow


It’s been almost a month and a half since my husband and I embarked on our new adventure as digital nomads. Having the option to go anywhere, we decided instead to return to Bratislava for a while to spend much needed time with family. The past two months have been about making this transition as smooth as possible but the focus now is to find a sense of flow.

Let’s be honest. It’s difficult to find flow when the world is a bit of a mess, isn’t it? My mind keeps bordering on ‘what if’ disasters and shock from the ongoing ravages of war whether it be in Ukraine or Syria or any other place on this earth.

I’ve started waking up in the morning, secretly wishing the world was different and then reading the news to find out it is not.

And, although I wish things were different, at the same time I am well aware that the only certainty we have is uncertainty. Nevertheless, amid uncertainty, we need to challenge ourselves to find flow.

Finding flow offers us a break from the world and gives us space to focus on what comes easily to us and gives us joy. It begins by giving our full attention to what brings us delight.

What brings you delight could be very different from what brings me delight but the experience will be the same – a total immersion in the experience of something that makes you feel like yourself and restores the balance.

Finding flow is about letting go of the thoughts that keep us either in the past or the future. It anchors us in the present moment. And when we treat it as a practice, it allows us to return to ourselves and experience a sense of normality even when things are uncertain.

So the theme for the rest of the month is finding flow.

What do you love to lose yourself in?
When was the last time you found flow?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – please post them in the comments below.

Happy April Everyone!

Photo Credit: Marta Dzedyshko 

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  1. A beautifully wise post. Flow is good. I used to think that my work as a teacher defined me. I found flow more easily there. But since I have stopped working officially I have rediscovered flow as a way of being. I am naturally a slow person though I do get stressed quite easily. But I am usually able to bring myself back to the joy of here and now. Unless I watch the news. That always has a very disruptive effect on me.
    How wonderful for your mother to have you to love her and guide her

    1. The guidance and love moves both ways. I feel so lucky to have this time to spend with her. I completely understand what you mean about the news. Just this afternoon I had to ask my mother to stop reading the news because it was making her utterly depressed. It is such a depressing time at the moment. Anyway, I hope you had a lovely Easter. I’m loving all the photographs you are sharing on Instagram. It looks like the beauty of spring has full arrived where you are 🙂

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