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What is it?, I hear you ask. I’m not really sure but I know I really like it. Let’s google it up!, as my mother would say.

So I did and this is what I found out.

It’s a term that was coined by Trish Rothgate in 2003 and the idea is that each wave of coffee is a reaction to the last.

The first wave is defined by the dark roasted instant coffee craze that popped up in kitchens and diners across the country. And it’s pretty much what I drank from the moment I discovered coffee to when I discovered Second Cup on Queen and John in Toronto. This then brings us to the Second Wave which focused on origin and expresso preparations.

Third Wave Cafe – Triple Five Cafe – Bratislava – One of my favourite cafes in Bratislava close to a nice park.

I remember my favourite coffee at Second Cup being Raspberry Chocolate filtered flavoured coffee. Something I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in my travels and I don’t even think Second Cup sells it anymore 🙁 – Anyway, I digress.

The Third Wave is defined by its roasters who, like their customers, are interested in artisanship, aesthetics and traceability. Everything from the beans to the decor is chosen intentionally, with a focus on sustainability.

So therefore it is not just a movement against the previous two waves but also a movement towards ethical coffee practices that take into consideration the impact of the trade all the way down to those who grow and harvest it.

When you purchase coffee from Third Wave roasters and sellers, you support these values and enable them to change the shape of the coffee trade for the better.

And this brings me to another note – that knowing where the products we purchase come from humanises consumption allowing us to make better choices that build stronger communities.

I now know that when I seek out ethical companies, where people know not only the names of their customers but also those they trade with, I’m participating in community building.

And isn’t that what coffee is all about? Sitting down with others, eating something sweet and sharing space?

If you are looking for a Third Wave cafe near you, I stumbled upon a great resource – The European Coffee Trip

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