Into the Garden We Go


The month of April was all about finding flow and feeling more at ease in my new surroundings. I think I’m halfway there. I’ve sort of gotten used to working solely from home. And I’m deeply appreciative of all the extra time I have.

What I learned this month is that flow isn’t something that just happens. We need to make room for it to happen. We need to cultivate it.

So I’ve been attempting to cultivate more flow in my life by building a more spacious daily routine – one that allows me time to play and think as much as work. And one that doesn’t overwhelm me with too many choices and possibilities.

I crave a much simpler life and I think the only way to get there is to establish clear boundaries around what is important. Ones that nurture what they contain.

So I leave you now with some photographs I took at the botanical gardens. I think there is nowhere else that better exemplifies what it means to cultivate flow.

May Theme: Tending To Our Roots

If cultivating flow is about simplifying our lives to feel more aligned with our values, then maintaining it…

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