An Oracle Review: the Untamed Elemental

Lately I've been finding myself craving something to help me ground myself in the present moment. Something that will inspire thoughts that don't involve the worries of my everyday life but instead take me away from them temporarily and somewhere a little deeper.

As a teenager, I used to be fascinated with tarot cards but they feel a little heavy now. So instead I decided to buy a set of oracle cards based on the elements and on the teachings of nature called the Untamed Elemental. They have a very shamanic Art Deco feel to them. Both the beautiful earth-toned colour palette and the clean contrasting geometric design really resonate with me.

And that's the key - any set of cards you choose needs to resonate with you, otherwise they just won't work.

What I love most is how they help me reconnect with small chunks of wisdom that widen my perspective. I no longer find myself alone, in my own head but instead each card gives me a new angle from which to see myself and whatever issues I may be dealing with at the moment.

How I Use My Oracle Cards

Before drawing any cards I think of what I'm currently struggling with and I think of a question about something I want to gain more insight into. For example, maybe I'm finding it difficult to manage a situation I find myself temporary stuck in. I then draw my card, read what it says and contemplate how what it says relates to my current situation and to the question I asked. Sometimes I'll use the card as a prompt for journalling. I prefer to keep my interaction with the cards simple but there are many spreads available on the internet to try.

Picture Curtesy Shambhala Publications

The Oracle Deck and Guidebook:

The Untamed Elemental comes in a lovely sturdy box that contains both the 52-card oracle deck and guidebook. The guidebook is beautifully presented with sections divided by the elements. The colours used are muted earth tones. Each card has its own page and on the opposite side, there is an explanation of its significance. There are three sides to each card's interpretation: balanced, imbalanced and how to bring it into balance. In the introduction, there is also a section dedicated to how to use the oracle deck.

About the Artist:

Tasya van Ree is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by alchemy and the infinite mysteries of the natural world. For me, her kaleidoscopic drawings are at once captivating and moving. You can read more about her and her work here.

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