April / Photo Diary

March and April were a bit of a blur as we found ourselves busy trying to adjust being back home with family and keeping up with our new online work schedule. Here are some of the highlights.

Second Hand Shopping in Vienna

My mother has really been missing rummaging through thrift shops for books and lampshade frames that she can upcycle so we headed to Carla and to 48er-Tandler to have a look. Both thrift shops are pretty impressive, with Carla having a large selection of preloved English books.

The beginning of the month started out with a trip to Nedbalka Gallery to see the work of Marián Čunderlík and The Origin of Modern Fine Art in Slovakia which showcased the work of a variety of Slovak artist. I particularly loved the work of Ladislav Mednyánszky whose paintings depict the monumental beauty of nature.

My Mother’s Baking

My mother has been ‘experimenting’ with gluten – free baking to cater to my allergies and she baked this wonderful carrot cake for me which got better with each passing day. She is magic in the kitchen and all her ‘disasters’ turn out to be incredible. Thank you, mom! I’m deeply grateful to be blessed with your love and caring.

The Magnolia Trees!

The magnolia trees are blossoming! The ones in Medická záhrada are lovely. My mother and I often go to this garden to feed the crows and it’s particularly lovely in spring.

Bosorka by Tibor Bártfay

On my way down from the castle hill of Bosorka by Tibor Bártfay, a statue commemorating the 400 women burned after being accused of witchcraft in fabricated trials. I’ve passed by this statue many times and not once did I know that behind the ravens sits an owl facing the other direction. I only found this out after reading this post about its history.

Surprise Visit to St. Nicolas Church

One of the most memorable events that happened this month is our surprise visit to St. Nicolas Church. You can read all about it here. This is a view of the church the moment you step in. Usually it isn’t open to visitors.

The Views from Bratislava Castle

Here are some photographs from our trip to the castle. This one shows a view of Most Slovenského národného povstania, otherwise known as the UFO Bridge. Below you can see a view of St. Martin’s Cathedral and if you look closely enough you can the crown on top of its steeple. St. Martin’s Cathedral served as the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563 and 1830.

That’s all for now! Wishing you a lovely rest of the month 🙂

Bratislava / Betwixt & Between

Sometimes the most beautiful things are where you least expect them...

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