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The heat lately has made it difficult to do anything involving thinking so we've spent most of our time lazing around the house, blinds closed, watching the third season of True Detective (so, so good) , eating watermelon (so much watermelon), and catching up on reading. I've made homemade pizza twice. Once with zucchini marinated in lemon and garlic, baked on top of pesto and whatever cheese we had left over in the fridge and it was divine. A Roman style pizza that reminded me of Italy. I used this recipe for the crust and the toppings I just improvised from memory and from what I thought would taste good together. The boys, who normally don't like zucchini, ate it all up and it made me happy.

Heat. Watermelon. Pizza. Zucchini, Lemons. Summer is truly here and I'm planning on making homemade popsicles to complete the list.

Have you seen the third season of True Detective? Wow, the talent, the storytelling, the layers and the cinematography. I can't stop thinking about it. But I won't spoil it for you by talking about it. Do see it and then let me know your favourite part in the comments. Mine is when Amelia Hays talks about storytelling in the final episode.

Speaking of cinematography, I've been thinking about photography a lot lately and how I miss it. Being busy with other things means that I haven't been paying much attention to my photography practice and I want to change that. So when the weather was a bit cooler the other day I snuck out for a walk around the old town and snapped these.

Wildflowers! There has been a campaign to re-wild the city of Bratislava and almost everywhere you go, you can see wildflowers blooming.

Children playing with bubbles in the old town.

The 'moon man' statue in old town and this beautiful door.

A view of one of my favourite buildings in the old town - Pharmacy Salvator.

This beautiful wooden carved door which belongs to Galéria mesta Bratislavy.

The view down Kapitulska Street, the oldest street in Bratislava.

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  • Deborah Brasket says:

    I love your photos! Always such a joy to see. I can see why the Pharmacy is one of your favorite building. I love the two half-statues of the men on either side of the grilled gate. I haven' seen the 3rd season of True Detective yet. Haven't been able to find it on the two streaming services I have. I'll look again.

    • Martina Azkoul says:

      Hi Deborah! Nice of you to stop by 🙂 Hope you and your family are having a lovely summer. If you do manage to watch it, let me know what you think.