Italy / Sea Salt & Rock in Villanova


Villanova in the late afternoon. The heavy waves are curling against the shore. The swimmers laugh and scream as they try to jump the waves with their eyes closed. We can’t resist. We wrap ourselves in towels and secretly change into our bathing suits. We then pile our belongings together and make our way in. I didn’t expect the sea to still be so warm so late in the day. Wave upon wave crashes against my body and as the waves go over, I can feel the pull of the wave underneath. We join in with the laughter and the screams. The constant waves make it impossible to swim. Instead, we pushed back and float towards the shore, allowing the waves to carry us beneath the fading light. Feeling satisfied and tired, we sat on the beach for a little while, wrapped in our towels and then decided to take a walk along the coast before heading home. The coastal landscape was moon-like, with deep crevices framing rich mineralised colours and crystallised salt patterns. I had never seen anything like it before. These photographs were taken with the hipstamatic app.

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