When Feeling Stuck is Part of the Process

July 11, 2022

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little stuck.

I’m waiting for my academic results to come in so that I can decide what the next step in my life will be. But they won’t be in till the end of August. I’ve also been dealing with writer’s block and when things slowed down because we are now officially on school holiday, I found that deep down inside I wasn’t really feeling happy inside.

Life slowing down was now allowing me to see things and to feel things that are easily ignored on a busy schedule. Having spent the past two years focused on developing my career, it’s true that I had ignored doing a lot of the things I love doing and that kept me feeling whole and happy. As a result, I was now feeling a disconnect between my inner and outer worlds.

At first, the feelings of being stuck and not really liking where I am in my life at the moment, really got to me. But then I realised that doing nothing about those thoughts only fed them more. What I needed was to change my routine and to accept this time-out as part of the process of restoring balance to other parts of my life that I’ve been neglecting.

Why focus on the things we can’t change at the expense of what we can?

I know that there are some little things I could be doing right now to make myself feel better like establishing a regular exercise routine or writing routine. We never know when things will change or when we will have an opportunity to focus on self-care again so it’s best to take advantage of it.

I also know that the unhappiness and disconnect I’m feeling isn’t the kind that goes away once you get what you want or achieve your next step. It’s a happiness that comes when you feel that you are living your life aligned to your deeper values and you feel connected to the people you love.

So instead of surrendering to the feeling of being stuck, I’m accepting this time-out as an opportunity to get to know myself again and to do the things I know I need to do to heal the disconnect I’m feeling.

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