About Chasing Delight

Chasing Delight started as The Depth of Now in 2017, where I wrote about rebuilding my life after leaving an abusive marriage. After three years of focusing solely on my career while living in a foreign country during a pandemic and experiencing complete burnout, I decided for the sake of my sanity and my quality of life it was time to change direction and, Chasing Delight was born.

Chasing Delight is a blog dedicated to intentionally slowing down, letting go and creating more space for the things that spark joy.

About Me

I’m Martina. I’m a writer, educator and a photographer currently embracing the life of a digital nomad with my husband. I’m a graduate of the London School of Journalism and I have a particular love of the personal essay, storytelling, early mornings and hanging out in cozy cafes. You can get in touch with me here.