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May Theme: Tending To Our Roots

If cultivating flow is about simplifying our lives to feel more aligned with our values, then maintaining it is all about tending to the roots of what we feel is most important and what brings us delight.

So these are the questions that I’m intentionally asking myself this month:

  • What can I do better to support a family member?
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April / Photo Diary

The month of March and April kind of blurred into one because of our big move, the time spent adjusting to our new surroundings and to working full time online. Nevertheless we did manage to do some fun stuff including a few trips to Vienna which is but an hour away by train.… Read More

How It Works

No other writer has ever made me laugh out loud as much as A. A. Gill. His wit is razor-sharp and so are the images that his essays conjure up. Although he has written about many topics, he is best known for his travel writing and his restaurant reviews. … Read More

Third Wave Coffee

What is it?, I hear you ask. I’m not really sure but I know I really like it. Let’s google it up!, as my mother would say.

So I did and this is what I found out.

It’s a term that was coined by Trish Rothgate in 2003 and the idea is that each wave of coffee is a reaction to the last.… Read More